25 Nuggets of Mom Wisdom

I12004692_10152983122672191_6993991532165851134_n’ve reached the ripe old age of 25 now, and with each passing year I’ve become more and more aware of the fact that, well, I’m basically my mother. My siblings, cousins, and I like to joke about the random quirks we’ve picked up from our own family systems (and trust me, there are plenty!), but every time I shrug and say, “Just call me Gwen…” I have to admit, I say it with a significant amount of pride. So, in honor of Mother’s Day, here are 25 lessons I’ve learned from my mom. Thanks, Ma! (#FavoriteChildStatus)

  1. Hold your head up high, and always be true to who you are.
  2. It’s okay to be weird.
  3. Color coordination is important. Like, really, really important.
  4. Hospitality is in the details.
  5. Pretty much any room can feel like home with proper wall decor.
  6. We can uncover some of life’s greatest truths by digging around in the dirt.
  7. Cook with and eat fruits and vegetables fresh from the garden whenever you can.
  8. It’s okay to make a mess and have several works in progress at the same time. (Relatedly, it is okay to be a work in progress.)
  9. Sometimes you just have to start compulsively cleaning at weird hours of the night.
  10. It’s okay to be a little bit stubborn.
  11. True service often comes without a lot of fanfare. So does true leadership.
  12. You don’t have to be the loudest voice in the room to practice integrity and compassion.
  13. Cheerleading is still the best sport.
  14. Art and music are gifts to cherish and practice, not tools for competition. (But also, don’t wait to practice your piano music until an hour before your lesson starts. And, let’s be honest, it’s okay to hold tiny grudges against those people who just seem to be really good without ever having to practice…)
  15. It’s okay to cry in movie theaters (even during Disney animated films).
  16. You can never own too many books.
  17. Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability. But even if you mess up (or heaven forbid, you miss a word on a spelling test), trust that you are loved anyway.
  18. Always show compassion, and give others the benefit of the doubt (even when it’s really, really hard.)
  19. Say yes to the things that matter. Say no to the things that aren’t life giving.
  20. Everyone should have recipes for a good cookie and a good cocktail at the ready.
  21. Also, one should always have ice cream and red wine on hand.
  22. NPR actually isn’t so bad. Turns out, it’s rather delightful.
  23. Say thank you.
  24. Feeding people and eating together are profound acts of love.
  25. For the love of all that is holy, refill the ice cube tray before sticking it back in the freezer.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!



Imperfect Jesus follower. Feminist. Psychology nerd. INFJ. Ukulele Strummer. Grammar Enthusiast. Incurable klutz. Wanna-be coffee connoisseur. Seminarian. Recovering perfectionist. Broken and made whole. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, and pull up a chair. There is room for you here. Let's wonder about this crazy, beautiful, messy world together.

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